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Media & Publications

We strive to connect our work at sea to communities as broadly as possible - our science communication strategies encompass a variety of media types. Read and listen to more about the work being done by SOS scientists and collaborators through the podcasts, scientific publications, popular news stories, and creative media listed below. For a full list of SOS scientist publications, check out the links for individual team members on the Team page.

Podcasts & Radio

Snap, Crackle, Shrimp!

Overheard at National Geographic

By Jacob Pinter                  2023

Screenshot 2024-03-26 at 22.00.57.png
Screenshot 2024-03-26 at 22.07.23.png
Screenshot 2024-03-26 at

Climate change driving snapping shrimp to snap

By Bob McDonald                 Quirks & Quarks, 2023

Eavesdropping on Shrimp’s Snap Chat:

Tiny animals dominate the undersea soundscape

By Véronique LaCapra                   January 30, 2017

Popular Press Featuring SOS

ScienceNews. "Eavesdropping on fish could help us keep better tabs on underwater worlds" April 2, 2024

St. Thomas Source. "Coral Nursery Launches to Restore Brain Corals in Butler Bay" June 6, 2023 "As oceans warm, snapping shrimp sound a warning" August 18, 2022

Canadian Geographic. "Bioacoustics: What nature’s sounds can tell us about the health of our world" August 12, 2022 

Scientific American. "Snapping Shrimp Make More Noise in Warmer Oceans" March 12, 2020

Forbes. "Why Noisier Coral Reefs Are Healthier" December 20, 2018 

EurekAlert. "Coral larvae use sound to find a home on the reef" December 12, 2018

Smithsonian Magazine. "Oysters Don’t Have Ears But Still Use Sound to Choose Their Homes" November 1, 2013

ScienceNews (Scicurious). "The reefs are alive with the sound of oysters" 

New York Times Magazine. Voyages: Listen to the World. St. John, US Virgin Islands

Screenshot 2024-04-09 at
Screenshot 2024-04-11 at 08.38.08.png
Screenshot 2024-04-11 at 08.36.33.png

Presentations Available Online

Scientific Publications Highlights


Lillis, A., Apprill, A., Armenteros, M. & T.A. Mooney (2023) Small-scale variation in the acoustic environments of coral reefs. In: Popper, A. N., Hawkins, A.D., Thomsen, F. (eds) The Effects of Noise on Aquatic Life. Springer, Cham.


Lillis, A. & T.A. Mooney. (2022) Sounds of a changing sea: temperature drives acoustic output by dominant biological sound-producers in shallow water habitats. Frontiers in Marine Science. 9:960881.doi: 10.3389/fmars.2022.960881


Suca, J.J.*, Lillis, A., Jones, I.T.*, Kaplan, M.B.* and others (2020) Variable and spatially explicit response of fish larvae to the playback of local, continuous reef soundscapes. Marine Ecology Progress Series. 653:131151.


Lillis, A., Apprill, A., Suca, J.J.*, Becker, C.*, Llopiz, J.K. & T. A. Mooney. (2018) Soundscapes influence the settlement of the common Caribbean coral Porites astreoides irrespective of light conditions. Royal Society Open Science. 5(12).

Other Creative Media

Fusion Univision documentary “Coral Reefs Last Stand: Cuba”

Scientific Contributor, How Oyster Larvae Hear Their Way Home

Squidtoons: Exploring Ocean Science with Comics

Contributor, Black Inscription­­­­: a multimedia song cycle about our ocean (

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